Friday, February 13, 2009

Verizon Friends & Family

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Beginning February 15, Friends & Family lets you customize your calling plan to include the numbers you call the most.
Here's how it works
You will be able to sign in to My Verizon to add the feature to your account and identify 5 or 10 numbers as a Friends & Family calling group. Minutes used when placing or receiving calls to anyone in your calling group will not count against your plan minutes. You can even include landline numbers or wireless numbers of those who haven't yet switched to the nation's largest, most reliable network.
Friends & Family gives you a flexible way to control your wireless spending and still talk to those individuals who are most significant to you. Changes to the Friends & Family directory are quick, easy and free, and since there are no long distance charges, those numbers can be anywhere in the country.

I'm not interesting. When you're with the company with largest customers, you may not need this feature "Family & Friend". I have the 700 minutes family plan but never exceed the limit. VZ need to copy the feature from number 2 company, AT&T, "Roll over" not from number four company, T-Mobile. 

When we have roll over minutes, Verizon?

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