Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jobs is a Key to Economic Recovery

Jobs is a key to economic recovery. Without jobs, people cannot spending. When people don't have money to spend, how can business can sell the house, the car, the TV, the smart phone, etc? When people have income, they can pay the tax, contribute to the church or other charity organization.

So, we need to create more jobs. The first step to create more jobs is stop sending jobs to oversea. Government need to reduce number of H1B visa. Stop offshore outsourcing.

There is no short of talents in technology as long as you are willing to hire and to train American citizens or residents.

Friday, August 19, 2011


HP was one of my favorite company when I was in college thirty years ago. Now, this finest company was ruined by incompetent executive. I did not buy HP stock since Carly Fiorina left. I'm total agree with Jeff Reeves on his article posted on Marketwatch:
"Hewlett-Packard is everything that’s wrong with corporate America right now — stupidity, a lack of innovation, bloated operations and no leadership."
The original founders, board of directors and stockholders need to kick these incompetent executives out of the Hewlett-Packard. Yesterday, HP stocked down more than 6%. Today, downed more than 20%.

Just waiting for HP down to single digit, below $10.

H-P Shares Dive to 6-Year Low -

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Protect your privacy data when looking for job

When I'm looking for job, I make up another new email for job searching. Why?
  • Should my current employer know I'm looking for job? Note: Don't use your work email!
  • To deter spam. My brand new email for job search start getting spam as soon as I signed up at a big, well known job listing web site. Sorry, I cannot disclose the name of this big and well know job listing web site.
Should I use my cell phone? No. I don't want the recruiters disturb me. I use my Google Voice. I love this free tool from Google.

Should I disclose my address? No. I don't want people using Google Maps or similar tools on the web to view my home. I let you know my city in general. That's enough.

Should I disclose my current salary? No. I don't want disqualify myself for a chance to talk to hiring manager.

Should I disclose my social security? No. Sent me the offer and I will release my social security if you need to do background check.

Should I disclose my driver license or identification number? Nope. Same reason as above.

As you know, 99% your job application will not read by hiring manager but data mining for marketing companies are reading. There, you get bulk of spam and naked on the web.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Chinese Households Save More than American Households

According to Researchers at the University of Missouri: "Urban Chinese households, on average, save much more than American households."

So, wake up America!