Sunday, February 8, 2009

Col. Viet X. Luong

This is a good news. Quote from The Leaf Chronicle: BCT's new boss a first for Army:

On Thursday at Hangar 3, a place where just a few weeks ago the soldiers of the brigade were welcomed home after more than a year in Iraq, Col. Viet X. Luong took command of the Rakkasan brigade, assuming a title known as Rakk 6.

Luong, a native of Vietnam, took over for Col. Dominic Caraccilo, who will in about four months begin another tour to Iraq as the executive officer to Gen. Ray Odierno, commander of coalition forces there.

By taking command of the some 4,000 soldiers, Luong is the first native of Vietnam to command an American Army brigade.

As I know,  there are at least two Vietnamese-Americans has the rank of colonel in United States Arm Forces. One is Col. Luong. Another is a pilot in navy. Who will the first Vietnamese-American advance to general in next couple year?

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