Sunday, August 14, 2011

Protect your privacy data when looking for job

When I'm looking for job, I make up another new email for job searching. Why?
  • Should my current employer know I'm looking for job? Note: Don't use your work email!
  • To deter spam. My brand new email for job search start getting spam as soon as I signed up at a big, well known job listing web site. Sorry, I cannot disclose the name of this big and well know job listing web site.
Should I use my cell phone? No. I don't want the recruiters disturb me. I use my Google Voice. I love this free tool from Google.

Should I disclose my address? No. I don't want people using Google Maps or similar tools on the web to view my home. I let you know my city in general. That's enough.

Should I disclose my current salary? No. I don't want disqualify myself for a chance to talk to hiring manager.

Should I disclose my social security? No. Sent me the offer and I will release my social security if you need to do background check.

Should I disclose my driver license or identification number? Nope. Same reason as above.

As you know, 99% your job application will not read by hiring manager but data mining for marketing companies are reading. There, you get bulk of spam and naked on the web.

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