Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Is Pinger Textfree Good?

I don't think so. Few months ago, I installed Pinger Textfree app on my iPod Touch. I tested it by text to my own cell phone number. Few days later, I got a spam SMS sent to my cell. I owned this cell number for a long time and never got any strange text. I tested Pinger Textfree again. This time I text to my private Google Voice number. This number I had it for about a year and never use. Few days later, I got spam on my Google Voice number. Since Pinger Textfree allow user send to email, I created a new Yahoo email just to test Pinger Textfree. Yes, this brand new Yahoo e-mail got spam.

Since that time, I never use Pinger Textfree to send text or email to my friends. I don't want them got spam. On my iPod Touch, I will use Google Voice to text but not Pinger Textfree.

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