Saturday, October 30, 2010

Verizon Data Plan $15 or $30

Few minutes ago, I called Verizon Wireless's customer representative to request for change data plan. There is no option to switch to new data plan using the web site. Per our discussion, if I over 150MB, let say 152MB, I will pay another $15.00 for next 150MB. Total 30 dollars for 152MB not 17 dollars as I thought based on the information obtained on the web before Verizon official launched this new promotion.

Verizon's customer representative looked up my usage and recommended me to stay with unlimited data plan. My average data usage is over 150MB. It's a good advise. But, I actually use less. Why? When I was forced to pay $30 for unlimited, I used 3G to the max. I turned off Wi-Fi and used 3G only to view You Tube and other videos. Now, I changed to $15 data plan, I will turn on Wi-Fi. Use smartphone with Wi-Fi is faster than using 3G. My phone battery used less power when I have Wi-Fi.

The money I save is the money I make.

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